Male Fertility

A common misconception about infertility is that it is a female issue. In fact, 1/3 of fertility cases stem from male factor infertility. At Dr. Sunita’s IVF Center, each couple we see is carefully evaluated to determine the specific cause of their infertility. If your physician determines that it is due to a male factor, there are several courses of fertility treatment that may be pursued.

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Male Fertility Care

Male Infertility is usually caused by problems that affect either sperm production or sperm transportation. Roughly 2/3 of male infertility cases involve issues with producing sperm in the testes, however many couples that struggle with becoming pregnant have more than one source of their infertility.


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There are several different areas with which a man may struggle with fertility:

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Sperm Production

The growth and formation of sperm inside the testicle. Production of sperm requires at least one healthy testicle and is triggered by a number of different hormones, like testosterone. An Example of a production issue would be LOW SPERM COUNT.

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Sperm Transportation

The sperm, after being created, must be conveyed from the testes, mixed with the semen, and then ejaculated out of the penis. An example of Transport issue would be if you have had a vasectomy and require a vasectomy reversal.

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Sperm Functionality

Not only must sperm be created and transported, but they have to be healthy enough to create a pregnancy. There are two parts to Sperm function. Morphology refers to the shape and overall health of the sperm. Motility refers to its ability to move. If there is abnormality with either of these, then you may experience difficulty becoming pregnant.

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