Fertility Preservation

Egg / Semen freezing has become really common amongst urban couples. With advancing age, women tend to have lower fertility rates due to a decreasing number of eggs. Oocyte freezing can give women the freedom to plan a pregnancy in the future. For men and women undergoing Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy, gamete freezing can be a ray of hope to retain the ability to plan a child in the future. Embryo freezing is a promising option for couples who wish to preserve their fertility.

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AGE Factor Associated with Fertility Preservation

Women are born with a limited number of eggs. These eggs gradually mature and ovulate over their lifetime. Years of aging and environmental damage will decrease the egg quality over time. It is not difficult for women to get pregnant after 40 as long as the egg is young. Freezing young, healthy eggs can eliminate the pressure of family planning while you focus on your career and personal life. Breakthroughs in fertility preservation technology are allowing women to bank healthy eggs prior to medical treatments, like chemotherapy, which may affect their fertility.

Why Us?

Dr. Sunita's IVF is the best qualified fertility center in Lucknow to harvest and bank your eggs. This is what make us the best:

Personal attention

Each woman is different. Therefore, her medical treatment, including egg freezing cycles, should be customized to her specific medical needs. At Dr. Sunita's IVF the treatment is tailored to a woman’s individual needs.

Success rates

When vitrification is used to freeze eggs, the eggs have a survival rate of 98 percent. The rate is as low as 55 percent with traditional freezing methods. Our advanced freezing and thawing process ensures a high survival rate resulting in many healthy eggs when you are ready to start a family.

Treatment protocols

Once you’re ready to start a family, your eggs will be fertilized and transferred via in vitro fertilization. Our IVF protocols also offer several options for fertility care.

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Both male and female reproductive cells, namely the Eggs and Sperms, can be frozen and preserved so as to ensure fertility in the future

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