PRP/Stem Cell Therapy

PRP/Stem Cells are used for a number of fertility treatments. PRP/Stem Cells are especially beneficial to patients who have undergone multiple failed IVF cycles. PRP/Stem Cell treatment can be used to address multiple infertility issues related to women such as improving uterine lining thickness and increasing endometrial receptivity during the transfer of embryos.

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Benefits of PRP/Stem Cells in IVF

In recent years, significant progress has been made in PRP/Stem Cell therapy to address a multitude of conditions related to infertility. PRP/Stem Cells have been found to be beneficial especially for improving uterine lining thickness and to help in successful embryo transfers. For female infertility, stem cells have been found effective for ovarian regeneration and oocyte generation. Tissue-specific stem cells are essentially found in differentiated organs during the postnatal and adult stages of life and play an important role in IVF/IUI treatments, especially in the case of multiple failed IVF cycles.

Why Us?

Sunita Chandra’s IVF is the best qualified fertility center in Lucknow to harvest and bank your eggs. And, What factors make us the best?

Personal attention

Each woman is different. Therefore, her medical treatment, including egg freezing cycles, should be customized to her specific medical needs. At Sunita Chandra’s IVF the treatment is tailored to a woman’s individual needs.

Success rates

When vitrification is used to freeze eggs, the eggs have a survival rate of 98 percent. The rate is as low as 55 percent with traditional freezing methods. Our advanced freezing and thawing process ensures a high survival rate resulting in many healthy eggs when you are ready to start a family.

Treatment protocols

Once you’re ready to start a family, your eggs will be fertilized and transferred via in vitro fertilization. Our IVF protocols also offer several options for fertility care.


PRP/Stem Cells, thanks to advancement in research and medical advancement, can now be used to encourage improvement in egg quality, ovarian rejuvenation and even response to stimulation medications for better fertility results.

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