Infertility is still a social stigma with couples and in most cases, even their families find it difficult to gather strength and courage to take the first step towards infertility treatment. We at Dr. Sunita’s IVF provide both emotional and mental strength to couples and their families. Counselling also helps couples with gathering information, aligning expectations, analysis and informed decision making for their treatment course.

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Dr. Sunita’s IVF being the best IVF clinic in Lucknow, approaches fertility holistically, taking into account your mind and body. The infertility journey is full of emotions, both good and bad.

Here at Dr. Sunita’s IVF, you are part of our family. We offer extensive and confidential fertility counselling services to support you in exactly the ways that you need. The best thing might be the knowledge that you have a support counsellor by your side, every step of the way.

Empathy, communication, honesty and trust are all cornerstones of what we do here at Dr. Sunita’s IVF. The decision is always yours to make, as to whether or not you wish to seek help. But if you need it, we are here for you, in every way, every day.

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The couple is counseled by our trained counselor to explain the medical aspects of infertility and treatment options. She helps the couple to make an informed decision and provides moral and emotional support. The counselor assists the couple at each step of the treatment cycle. The couple’s information is kept strictly confidential.

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