Laser Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching is usually performed by means of mechanical force using a microneedle and by acid digestion of the outer shell. At Dr. Sunita’s IVF, we use the Advanced laser system to provide our patients with the fastest, safest and most uniform way of Assisted Hatching available today referred to as Laser Assisted Hatching.

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Who would benefit from this procedure?

Patients with – 

  • Thick and/or abnormal egg shell.
  • Poor quality/slow developing embryos.
  • Embryos exhibiting excessive fragmentation.
  • Patients with 2 or more previous failed IVF cycles.

There is no harm to the embryo except the outer shell, hence there are no significant complications of use of LASER HATCHING, if used properly and executed by experienced doctors.


During Laser Assisted Hatching, the outer shell of the embryo is breached by firing a few laser pulses. The laser is fired far away from the cells of the embryo so that the cells are not damaged.

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